Every One Buys From Magical Threads Apparel, You Should Too!

October’s Shop Of The Month is Magical Threads Apparel. Magical Threads Apparel has so many Disney inspired tees and hoodies you won’t find anywhere else. Check out my purchases below and use my brand rep code for a discount!

Tees and hoodies vary on price. I purchased my Tees for $20 each. Long sleeve tees are $20 as well and hoodies are about $30.

Each tee is made to order, so product creation is factored into the estimated delivery time. From the time of order, my purchases took about 2 week to reach my house. It was very fast and both of my tees turned out amazing!

I bought two wonderfully made tees from this shop. I purchased a Haunted Mansion inspired tee and a Disney snack inspired tee!

The Haunted Mansion Inspired tee can be purchased in a variety of colors. I chose purple because it was close to the Halloween season, and I wanted the tee to match my Haunted Mansion Minnie Ears.

Ordered a small size and it might be just a tab too big. It still fits nonetheless, and I love tying it up on the side. Rolling up the sleeves a bit helps as well, and creates a cute fashion statement!

The second tee I ordered is a Disney snack inspired shirt. I love this tee because I love all Disney snacks!

I mean who doesn’t!

I says “ I’m here for the snacks” and has a Dole Whip, a Mickey Bar, a Starbucks-ish drink with Mickey ears and a caramel apple that has Mickey ears.

I ordered this tee in the cardinal color, because I thought it was super cute! And I was right!

This tee has all of my favorite Disney snacks on it, including the Dole Whip, and I loved wearing it to the Magic Kingdom on my last trip!

This tee was also just a bit big, so I did the same thing and tied the bottom and folded up the sleeves a tad. It fits perfectly!

Magical Threads Apparel has so many wonderful designs, you’re bound to find something you’ll love. Check out her shop on Instagram Magical_threads_apparel. You’ll find direct access to her shop!

Use my brand rep code KIRA15 to receive 15% off when you purchase from her store!

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I Love Tinkerbelly’s Shop And So Should You!

Hello everyone and welcome back to another Shop Of The Month blog post! This month I partnered with Tinkerbelly’s shop to show you guys the amazing jewelry they put together.

These bracelets can have a range from $6 to $25! The stack bracelets are more expensive because they include a few matching ones.

Shipping was relatively fast. My items came in a little less than two weeks. Having fast shipping is a great quality to have for a small shop.

The first bracelet I ordered was the Princess Jasmine inspired bracelet. The middle charm is white with a blue heart followed by a few blue and bronze colored pearls.

I love this bracelet because it definitely represents Princess Jasmine. It’s cute and simple and I can wear it with basically any outfit I want.

The second bracelet I ordered was the Disney Magic Mickey stack! This bracelet is a stack and I absolutely love it. This comes with three bracelets. One says “Disney” and the other says “Magic.” The last bracelet has three Mickey beads each with a different color followed by pearl beads.

I can’t wait to wear these to the parks and take pictures in front of the castle!

Tinkerbelly’s shop bracelets come in different lengths ranging from 5 inches to 9 inches. I would recommend measuring your wrist before ordering because you might not be the size you think you are.

I ordered 6 inch bracelets. They do fit really well, but I probably could have gone up a half size. I almost ordered a 5 because bracelets are usually too big for me!

Both bracelet sets felt really well made! I was surprised. I thought it was going to feel like those cheap bracelets you made when you were little.

They did not feel like that!

I don’t recommend stretching them out, but they felt sturdy enough that I could wear them often. I felt safer knowing they weren’t going to snap at a moments notice. They are really well made and it’s really shows in the final products!

I’ll be taking them to the parks in a few weeks to see how well they hold up. I also want to get those cute castle pics! I mean who doesn’t😝

I highly recommend Tinkerbelly’s shop if you’re looking for some cute Disney inspired jewelry. Go follow Tinkerbelly’s.shop on Instagram to support their small business. I know it would mean a lot to them and they would really appreciate it!

If you’re looking for the best Disney information, you really need to subscribe to my blog. You’ll get updates on all my new blog posts! And best of all.. it’s FREE! What could be better than that!?

If you have an upcoming trip, follow my Instagram account. You can find a link in the side bar to the right. My team and I post wonderful tips and tricks to surviving a Disney vacation! Come join our Disney community to see the hype!

How Mad Hatter Tea Shirts Can Inspire Your Wardrobe

I absolutely love supporting small business, and getting Disney merchandise in the process. It’s a win-win situation!

This month my featured shop is Mad Hatter Tea Shirts. You have to check out their styles of T-shirts and sweaters.

Seriously, go check them out after you finish reading this!

The first product I bought was the Jungle Cruise inspired sweater. I was really excited for this because it’s a sweater and I adore comfy clothing.

This sweater did not disappoint!

It’s softer than I imagined and it gets major bonus points for that! It fits really well. I was worried it might be a bit big. I usually order things in an extra small, since I am small myself. Despite it being a size larger than I usually wear, it fits perfectly. It’s that nice ratio of being small enough that it fits right, and being big enough so I have some extra room to be comfy.

I like that this shop had some Jungle Cruise inspired tops. I feel as if the Jungle Cruise doesn’t have a whole lot of merchandise in the parks. I mean you can find Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain, Small World and Peter Pan merchandise almost everywhere in the Magic Kingdom.


The Jungle Cruise is one of the few rides that doesn’t have you exit through a gift shop.

Which is good for your wallet, but not for your Disney collection.

So, if you are looking for Jungle Cruise inspired merchandise, Mad Hatter Tea Shirts is the shop to buy from!

The next item I bought was an Enchanted Tiki Room inspired tea-shirt (see what I did there).

I was able to order this shirt in an extra small. That was important to me. Sometimes I end up buying kid sized clothing in the parks because it fits better.

No judging🤪

Anyways, this shirt fits true to size. It cute to pair it with some high waisted shorts, along with your favorite pair of Minnie ears.

Don’t forget about that LoungeFly backpack!

The possibilities seem endless when it comes to Disney merchandise. You just have to find your thing.

Like the Jungle Cruise, I do not have any Enchanted Tiki Room merchandise. Again, you don’t exactly exit through a gift shop, (insert sad face here). It’s always nice to find merchandise from rides that don’t seem to have as much as other rides do.

If you’re short, like me, sometimes T-shirts can be a little on the long side. Just as a quick tip, I tied it into a knot on the side. I don’t normally do this, but it looks super cute!

Aside from the merchandise I bought, everything they had displayed on their website looked amazing. They had some Haunted Mansion tees that I might take a look at later.

Click on the link below to see what my hype is about! You won’t be disappointed!

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Check back next week to see what’s new!

July’s Shop of the Month: EarsofFunDesigns

Hello everyone and welcome to my very first Shop of the Month blog post! I am so excited to be supporting small businesses and I want to thank you as well. This month I am supporting EarsofFunDesigns! Check out the link below. I was able to purchase two sets of ears and they are both absolutely wonderful!

Marie inspired ears

The first pair of ears I’ll be taking about are inspired by Marie from The Aristocats. “Ladies don’t start fights, but we can finish them” is something I’ll always remember from the movie. I love these ears for a few reasons. The main reason being that they don’t hurt the area behind my ears while wearing them for extended periods of time. If you’ve ever worn a pair of ears made by Disney, after about an hour, my ears hurt and then I don’t want to wear them for a while. Then sometimes I get a headache and it’s not fun for anyone. So if you’re looking for something to reduce a little pain, I would recommend these ears. Another reason why these ears are so cute, is because of the fur. It makes sense because Marie is a cat, plus they are just so soft. Most ears are kind of a disk shaped that stands on the headband. These ears are more of sphere. So it’s like two fuzz balls are connected to the head band, which is unique and I really it. That’s kind of what drew me in to these ears was the fur. There is also a little tuff of fur behind the bow which I think is adorable.

Cruella de Vil inspired ears

The second pair of ears I ordered were inspired by Cruella de Vil, from Disney’s 101 Dalmatians. They are similar to the Marie ears, as these ears are also fuzzy. One side is black and the other is white, which is the perfect representation of Cruella. They also fit very nicely as they are not too tight. The band doesn’t seem to be as thick as Disney brand ears so that should reduce headaches.

Please go check out EarsofFunDesigns by Lacey Sorrels (Link to Etsy shop below). Her Etsy shop is super easy to navigate and she was so nice in helping me pick out my ears! You still have time to use code JUMPTHEPARK20 for 20% off your purchase. Thank you guys so much and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog!