8 Common Myths About Disney World

1. Cast Members Have To Agree To Everything

While this could be seen as true, it’s not.

Some people think that Disney cast members are not allowed to decline a request. Boy are they wrong.

Cast members do not have to do everything they are asked to do. For example, you can’t ask a cast member to ride Space Mountain or any other ride. They will also decline any request that involves harming others. They will not put others or themselves at risk.

2. A Person Controls The Camel

You know which camel I’m talking about!

The one in Adventureland, right?

I’m not going to lie, the first time I visited Magic Kingdom, I thought the camel was controlled by a person.

That seems legit.

Well I’m here to tell you that the camel is not controlled by a human. This fake camel is an animatronic and spits water every so often on its own.

3. Cast Members Can Disassemble The Castle

Okay, what?

As much as I’d like that to be true, it isn’t. Cinderella’s castle can not be dismantled.

I still wait for the day for cast members to disassemble the castle, and reassemble it in my backyard.

Hey, I can dream.

The castles structure is quite permanent. There are no joints, seams or folds in the castles exterior. Cinderella’s Castle was built with concrete, steel and fiberglass.

It’s kinda hard to dismantle a fiberglass castle I assume.

The castle was built to withstand Florida weather. This includes heavy winds, thunderstorms and hurricanes. There wouldn’t be a need to deconstruct the castle.

I suspect weather conditions were the primary reason for this rumor. Rest assured, the castle will not be coming down anytime soon.

4. There Is A Dome Over The Parks

Wouldn’t this myth solve all our problems!

Maybe, yes.

One of my biggest struggles is trying to bring a raincoat and stuff it into my fanny pack. Not always the best idea. I strive to carry as little as possible while at the parks and a raincoat really gets in my way.

Unfortunately, there is no dome over the parks, so it will rain at Disney. It’s Florida.

Yes Disney is magical and is the most perfect place on Earth, but be prepared. It will rain and you will need an umbrella or a raincoat. Check the weather before you head out in the mornings.

5. Walt Disney’s Body Is Cryogenically Frozen

Yes people believe that Walt Disney himself, was frozen and his body is somewhere near the parks.

One of these people being my husband (facepalm)

This seems to be a very popular myth. Walter Elias Disney passed away in 1966 and was cremated two days later. He is buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in California.

6. Disney World Never Closes

As much as I would love to ride Space Mountain at 5:30 in the morning, it just isn’t possible.

Disney World is not open 24 hours a day. Each park opens and closes at its appropriate times.

Disney will also close due to bad weather. If a hurricane is suspected to hit the area, they will close until it is safe to continue.

Disney World closed for about 4 months during the Covid-19 pandemic. They will close if it is deemed necessary.

7. Toy Story Characters Fall To The Ground When They Hear “Andy’s Coming”

When a guest walks by and shouts “Andy’s Coming” at Toy Story characters, they drop to the ground like they do in the movies.

At one point this happened. There have been videos and pictures of the characters falling to the ground from this action.

However, Disney has banned this practice due to safety reasons. This gag went viral a few years ago and everybody wanted to see it happen for themselves!

It got to the point where it happened way too often and Disney had decided that was enough.

8. There’s A Secret Suite In Cinderella’s Castle Where Guests Can Stay

Yes, there is a secret suite in Cinderella’s castle.

Just think of that jaw-dropping view in the morning! But not everyone can stay in such a luxury. Most people who stay win a contest.

There’s also a rumor saying that this suite was intended to be Walt’s apartment. There’s really no evidence that this was true. Walt Disney passed away before Cinderella’s Castle was built.

The suite was made out of an unused storage space in the top of the castle. It was made for Disney’s Year Of A Million Dreams celebration in 2006. So it’s highly unlikely Walt wanted to have a suite in Cinderella’s Castle .

Have you heard these myths going around? Are there other myths you’ve heard over the years? Let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear them.

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