Virtual Queue Update: Rise Of The Resistance

Rise of The Resistance opened at Hollywood Studios on December 5, 2019. Anyone who has ridden this attraction, knows the stress of trying to get that early boarding pass.

When Rise of The Resistance first opened, guests had to be in the parks when it first opened to score a boarding pass on the My Disney Experience App.

My family woke up at 5:30am to be inside the park at 7:15am to try and grab a boarding pass.

We were all exhausted the next day!

Since Disney’s reopening in July, they have the virtual queue to open at 10am with the park and additional boarding passes maybe be distributed at 2pm.

My family was very fortunate to score a back up boarding group on our trip last week!

It’s not guaranteed that you’ll get a back up boarding group at 2pm, but it’s always worth a shot. Don’t give up hope!

Starting November 3, Disney will be updating the virtual queue system for Rise of The Resistance.

Guests will now be able to access the virtual queue at 7am as long as you have a park pass for Hollywood Studios that day. You do not need to be in the parks to join the queue.

Disney is probably trying to lessen the crowd in the park in the mornings. People scan into Hollywood Studios just to get a boarding pass.

Guests who do not receive a boarding pass at 7am maybe try again at 2pm. You must be inside Hollywood Studios to join the virtual queue at this time.

I suspect you’ll be able to join the queue from almost anywhere. This is to allow those who are staying at a good neighborhood hotel and locals who are visiting for the day a chance to join the queue.

What do you think about this update? Do you think it will help lessen the crowds at Hollywood Studios?

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