Stop Making These 5 Mistakes When Visiting Magic Kingdom

I know, we all make mistakes from time to time. It’s a naturally human occurrence and it’s hard to not make a mistake. But let’s face it, if you can reduce the amount of mistakes you make, would you do it?

The answer should be yes!

Today, I’m going to let you in on some secrets, and tell you the top 5 mistakes people make when visiting Magic Kingdom.

5. Not having your day planned out

I can not stress this enough. Make sure you have a plan when visiting ANY Disney Park. I know way too many people (my in-laws) that do not plan when they go to a park.

If you live next to parks, that’s a different story. I’m talking about those who live out of state, or don’t visit the parks on a regular basis.

Having a plan is an essential part of your day. I know it’s a little crazy right now with not having Fastpasses. Trust me I know, not having Fastpasses this past trip was totally bizarre.

But, when things get back to normal, know that you can make Fastpass reservations 60 days in advance and dining reservations 180 days in advance.

You do not need to know what rides you will be riding at every single minute of the day, but it helps to research what rides are usually slow at what times of the day. Rides do tend to have shorter wait times at the end of the day.

4. Bringing too many items

I know people like to be prepared and there’s nothing wrong with that. But bringing a backpack filled with luggage is a bit much.

When I go to parks, I try to bring as little as possible. I have my fanny pack with my Annual Pass and DVC card, my drivers license, any gift cards I have, and a little space to keep my phone.

If it happens to be on a day it rains (which in Florida is almost everyday) I might have to bring my LoungeFly backpack to store my rain poncho. Some times my mom brings a string pack to keep all our ponchos in.

Some of you may want to bring a phone charger. I bring a fuel rod which it compact, and you can get these in the parks! It’s a little portable charger that can fit any smartphone.

What’s so cool about it?

You only have to pay a one time fee of $30. After that, you are in the system and can swap as many times as you like. Once you use the fuel rod, you stop at any fuel rod kiosk, and switch it out for a newly charged rod. Pretty awesome right?

I know families have small children and like to bring snacks and need baby supplies. It happens. Just know that whatever you bring into the parks, you have to carry. You also need to stop at the bag check area at the front of the parks, and that can be a hassle if it’s backed up.

3. Using a Fastpass for The Enchanted Tikiroom

While The Enchanted Tikiroom is one of my favorite things at Magic Kingdom, there is no need for a Fastpass. This mistake goes for any show at Magic Kingdom.

For the newbies, you are pretty much guaranteed to get into the next showing of a show. Since you only get three Fastpasses a day, it would be wiser to use them for actual rides. Especially ones that always seem to have crazy long wait times. For example, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Peter Pan.

2. Not Visiting Mickey Mouse

If you’ve been to Disney and haven’t had a character meet and greet with Mickey, reevaluate your choices.

Just kidding of course!

But seriously, you have not seen the one and only Mickey Mouse?

Since Mickey Mouse is the most iconic character at Disney, it would make sense to visit him at least once. One of the most popular places to see him, is at Town Square Theater on Main St.

1. Thinking You Can Do Everything In One Day

Truth bomb! You can’t.

In all honestly, if you wanted to do EVERYTHING at Magic Kingdom, it would take a good few weeks. Maybe even more.

That’s considering you eat at all restaurants and ride every ride.

For one day at Magic Kingdom, if you plan accordingly, you can get a lot done. One thing that might help is to get a list of your groups must-do activities. Everyone puts down one or two things that you HAVE to do while at Magic Kingdom, and everything after is a bonus!

Have you made any of these mistakes while at Magic Kingdom? Let me know in the comments section. If you have any other mistakes you would like to add, feel free.