Disney Genie Service to Come to Walt Disney World and Disneyland

BIG news coming this fall!

Unfortunately, Disney’s FastPass+ and MaxPass services are officially retired – R.I.P

But, Disney will be having a new pass system to give guests the flexibility to schedule ride times and it comes with a few extras! So let’s dive in!

This new free service is called Disney Genie. It is a convenient digital service designed to create the best day possible for you. This new technology will guide you through the theme parks with tips that can help them reduce their wait times and help plan the rest of your day.

Disney Genie will be part of the My Disney Experience app and the Disneyland app. You do not need a separate app to access Disney Genie. This includes a personalized itinerary feature that can map our your entire day. This includes park attractions, food experiences, entertainment, character interactions like Disney Princesses and Star Wars characters, thrill rides and more!

You will receive itinerary updates all throughout the day. You’ll also be able to see current and forecasted wait times for attractions. With this, you will be able to enter a virtual queue for certain attractions, make dining reservations and mobile order food. This Disney Genie service is at no cost to you.

To add to the flexibility, Disney is adding two options to enjoy attractions.

By: Disney Destinations
  • Disney Genie+ Service

This add-on service will cost $15 per person per day at Walt Disney World and $20 per person per day at Disneyland. You will then be able to choose the next available time to use the Lightning Lane entrance (essentially the FastPass lane). You’ll only be able to select one ride at a time, but can claim passes throughout the entire day. Arrival times for the Lightning Lane will be an hour-long window.

Disney Genie+ will also include Disney parks-themed audio experiences and photo features to capture your memories – augmented reality lenses for those visiting Walt Disney World Resort and unlimited Disney PhotoPass downloads from your day if you are visiting Disneyland Resort.

  • Individual Attraction Selection

You can schedule a time to arrive at up to two highly demanded attractions each day using the Lightning Lane entrance.

What attractions can be booked with the Individual Lightning Lane entrance? Right now we know Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Radiator Springs Racers. These are most likely attractions not included with Disney Genie+. More info will come shortly!

Lightning Lane selections will be made on the same day of your visit at 7am. Day guests can access these features once they enter the park. These can also be used across multiple theme parks, which is convenient for park hoppers.

Note that Star Wars: Rise Of The Resistance will continue to have their virtual queue system.

Disney is also making some enhancements to their Disability Access Service (DAS) program, including new options to enroll in the program pre-arrival and for DAS participants to select arrival windows for attractions directly in the app. These options will be available in addition to their existing, in-person DAS program.

Now it’s time for some FAQs!

When will you launch Disney Genie?

Disney Genie will launch this fall at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort.

What is the difference between Disney Genie and Disney Genie+?

Disney Genie is a complimentary digital planning service with personalized itineraries, tips that can help reduce time in lines and other features to help you plan your best Disney day. The Disney Genie+ service is an add-on option available for purchase that will let Guests choose the next available arrival time for the Lightning Lane entrance – one at a time, throughout the day – at a variety of attractions (attractions subject to limited availability). The service also includes photo features and audio experiences. Arrival times for the Lightning Lane entrance will be an hour-long window.

Can Guests purchase Disney Genie+ service for just one day of their multi-day visit?

When purchased with a Guests’ ticket or vacation package ahead of your visit, Disney Genie+ service is purchased for the length of stay (all days of a multi-day visit). When purchased on the day of visit, you will purchase Disney Genie+ for a single day

Do Guests have to purchase Disney Genie+ to have access to attractions?

No. Attractions will continue to have a traditional standby queue, or a virtual queue at certain attractions.

Do all Guests need to pay to ride Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, Radiator Springs Racers or WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure?

No. Guests can join attractions offering a virtual queue via Disney Genie in the My Disney Experience and Disneyland apps. If Guests are unable to secure a place in the virtual queue, purchase of the Lightning Lane entrance may be an additional option to experience the attraction, subject to limited availability. There is no traditional standby queue for these attractions at this time.

Will Annual Passholders or Magic Key holders receive discounts on Disney Genie+ service and individual attraction Lightning Lane purchases?

At this time, there are no discounts available for Disney Genie+ or individual attraction Lightning Lane purchases.

Without the advanced FastPass+ booking window, are there any benefits for Guests staying at Disney Resort hotels?

Each day at 7 a.m., Guests staying at Disney Resort hotels will have the first opportunity to purchase up to two individual attraction selections for the Lightning Lane entrance (subject to limited availability), before other Guests who will be able to do so upon park opening. Guests staying at Walt Disney World hotels will also have more time in the parks during the 50th anniversary, with new early theme park entry and extended evening hours benefits.

Do Guests need a separate app to access Disney Genie?

No. Disney Genie service is complimentary for all Guests visiting Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort via the My Disney Experience and Disneyland apps.

How does this impact Disability Access Service? 

Disney is making some enhancements to their Disability Access Service (DAS) program, including a new option to enroll in the program pre-arrival and select return times for attractions directly in the app. This option will be available in addition to the existing, in-person DAS program.

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What Are Fuel Rods? And Where To Find Them!

For those of you who are new to this concept, FuelRods are these portable chargers you can find around the Disney Parks. You find a FuelRod kiosk, and swap out your used FuelRod with a newly charged one.

Guests can sign up for the FuelRod system for a one time fee of $30. These kiosks accept all major credit cards and will dispense a kit that includes:

• One fully charged portable battery

• One 6” USB to micro-USB cable to use for Android devices

• Apple Lightning to USB cable for iPhone devices

The new FuelRod policy states that anyone who purchased a FuelRod before October 26th, 2019 can be granted a “founders Status.” This means that those users can continue to exchange their chargers for free!

Those who purchased a FuelRod after October 26th, 2019 are required to pay a $3 exchange fee.

When you are ready to swap chargers, you’ll need to find a FuelRod kiosk. See below for Disney FuelRod locations!

Once you locate a FuelRod kiosk, open the FuelRod app on our phone. FuelRod will give you a scannable QR code that you will use to confirm your subscription. Then you’ll insert your old FuelRod into the kiosk and a new FuelRod will pop out!

So where are these FuelRod kiosks located?

Check out my list of Walt Disney World FuelRod kiosk locations!

Magic Kingdom

• Curtain Call Collectables on Main Street USA

• Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe in Frontierland

• Tomorrowland Light and Power Company

• Cosmic Rays Starlight Cafe in Tomorrowland

• Big Top Souvenirs in Storybook Circus


• Gateway Gifts

• Disney Traders

• International Gateway closest to Mexico

Animal Kingdom

• Island Mercantile

Hollywood Studios

• Celebrity 5 & 10

• Rock Around the Shop

Disney Springs

• Welcome Center

• Sundries

• Disney PhotoPass Studio

Have you found any more of these FuelRod kiosks around the parks? Let us know below.

I love using these FuelRod chargers as they are small and compact. You can easily fit them into a bag or fanny pack.

What are your experiences with FuelRod. Do you like to use them or do you bring your own chargers?

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Every One Buys From Magical Threads Apparel, You Should Too!

October’s Shop Of The Month is Magical Threads Apparel. Magical Threads Apparel has so many Disney inspired tees and hoodies you won’t find anywhere else. Check out my purchases below and use my brand rep code for a discount!

Tees and hoodies vary on price. I purchased my Tees for $20 each. Long sleeve tees are $20 as well and hoodies are about $30.

Each tee is made to order, so product creation is factored into the estimated delivery time. From the time of order, my purchases took about 2 week to reach my house. It was very fast and both of my tees turned out amazing!

I bought two wonderfully made tees from this shop. I purchased a Haunted Mansion inspired tee and a Disney snack inspired tee!

The Haunted Mansion Inspired tee can be purchased in a variety of colors. I chose purple because it was close to the Halloween season, and I wanted the tee to match my Haunted Mansion Minnie Ears.

Ordered a small size and it might be just a tab too big. It still fits nonetheless, and I love tying it up on the side. Rolling up the sleeves a bit helps as well, and creates a cute fashion statement!

The second tee I ordered is a Disney snack inspired shirt. I love this tee because I love all Disney snacks!

I mean who doesn’t!

I says “ I’m here for the snacks” and has a Dole Whip, a Mickey Bar, a Starbucks-ish drink with Mickey ears and a caramel apple that has Mickey ears.

I ordered this tee in the cardinal color, because I thought it was super cute! And I was right!

This tee has all of my favorite Disney snacks on it, including the Dole Whip, and I loved wearing it to the Magic Kingdom on my last trip!

This tee was also just a bit big, so I did the same thing and tied the bottom and folded up the sleeves a tad. It fits perfectly!

Magical Threads Apparel has so many wonderful designs, you’re bound to find something you’ll love. Check out her shop on Instagram Magical_threads_apparel. You’ll find direct access to her shop!

Use my brand rep code KIRA15 to receive 15% off when you purchase from her store!

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I Love Tinkerbelly’s Shop And So Should You!

Hello everyone and welcome back to another Shop Of The Month blog post! This month I partnered with Tinkerbelly’s shop to show you guys the amazing jewelry they put together.

These bracelets can have a range from $6 to $25! The stack bracelets are more expensive because they include a few matching ones.

Shipping was relatively fast. My items came in a little less than two weeks. Having fast shipping is a great quality to have for a small shop.

The first bracelet I ordered was the Princess Jasmine inspired bracelet. The middle charm is white with a blue heart followed by a few blue and bronze colored pearls.

I love this bracelet because it definitely represents Princess Jasmine. It’s cute and simple and I can wear it with basically any outfit I want.

The second bracelet I ordered was the Disney Magic Mickey stack! This bracelet is a stack and I absolutely love it. This comes with three bracelets. One says “Disney” and the other says “Magic.” The last bracelet has three Mickey beads each with a different color followed by pearl beads.

I can’t wait to wear these to the parks and take pictures in front of the castle!

Tinkerbelly’s shop bracelets come in different lengths ranging from 5 inches to 9 inches. I would recommend measuring your wrist before ordering because you might not be the size you think you are.

I ordered 6 inch bracelets. They do fit really well, but I probably could have gone up a half size. I almost ordered a 5 because bracelets are usually too big for me!

Both bracelet sets felt really well made! I was surprised. I thought it was going to feel like those cheap bracelets you made when you were little.

They did not feel like that!

I don’t recommend stretching them out, but they felt sturdy enough that I could wear them often. I felt safer knowing they weren’t going to snap at a moments notice. They are really well made and it’s really shows in the final products!

I’ll be taking them to the parks in a few weeks to see how well they hold up. I also want to get those cute castle pics! I mean who doesn’t😝

I highly recommend Tinkerbelly’s shop if you’re looking for some cute Disney inspired jewelry. Go follow Tinkerbelly’s.shop on Instagram to support their small business. I know it would mean a lot to them and they would really appreciate it!

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Stop Making These 5 Mistakes When Visiting Magic Kingdom

I know, we all make mistakes from time to time. It’s a naturally human occurrence and it’s hard to not make a mistake. But let’s face it, if you can reduce the amount of mistakes you make, would you do it?

The answer should be yes!

Today, I’m going to let you in on some secrets, and tell you the top 5 mistakes people make when visiting Magic Kingdom.

5. Not having your day planned out

I can not stress this enough. Make sure you have a plan when visiting ANY Disney Park. I know way too many people (my in-laws) that do not plan when they go to a park.

If you live next to parks, that’s a different story. I’m talking about those who live out of state, or don’t visit the parks on a regular basis.

Having a plan is an essential part of your day. I know it’s a little crazy right now with not having Fastpasses. Trust me I know, not having Fastpasses this past trip was totally bizarre.

But, when things get back to normal, know that you can make Fastpass reservations 60 days in advance and dining reservations 180 days in advance.

You do not need to know what rides you will be riding at every single minute of the day, but it helps to research what rides are usually slow at what times of the day. Rides do tend to have shorter wait times at the end of the day.

4. Bringing too many items

I know people like to be prepared and there’s nothing wrong with that. But bringing a backpack filled with luggage is a bit much.

When I go to parks, I try to bring as little as possible. I have my fanny pack with my Annual Pass and DVC card, my drivers license, any gift cards I have, and a little space to keep my phone.

If it happens to be on a day it rains (which in Florida is almost everyday) I might have to bring my LoungeFly backpack to store my rain poncho. Some times my mom brings a string pack to keep all our ponchos in.

Some of you may want to bring a phone charger. I bring a fuel rod which it compact, and you can get these in the parks! It’s a little portable charger that can fit any smartphone.

What’s so cool about it?

You only have to pay a one time fee of $30. After that, you are in the system and can swap as many times as you like. Once you use the fuel rod, you stop at any fuel rod kiosk, and switch it out for a newly charged rod. Pretty awesome right?

I know families have small children and like to bring snacks and need baby supplies. It happens. Just know that whatever you bring into the parks, you have to carry. You also need to stop at the bag check area at the front of the parks, and that can be a hassle if it’s backed up.

3. Using a Fastpass for The Enchanted Tikiroom

While The Enchanted Tikiroom is one of my favorite things at Magic Kingdom, there is no need for a Fastpass. This mistake goes for any show at Magic Kingdom.

For the newbies, you are pretty much guaranteed to get into the next showing of a show. Since you only get three Fastpasses a day, it would be wiser to use them for actual rides. Especially ones that always seem to have crazy long wait times. For example, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Peter Pan.

2. Not Visiting Mickey Mouse

If you’ve been to Disney and haven’t had a character meet and greet with Mickey, reevaluate your choices.

Just kidding of course!

But seriously, you have not seen the one and only Mickey Mouse?

Since Mickey Mouse is the most iconic character at Disney, it would make sense to visit him at least once. One of the most popular places to see him, is at Town Square Theater on Main St.

1. Thinking You Can Do Everything In One Day

Truth bomb! You can’t.

In all honestly, if you wanted to do EVERYTHING at Magic Kingdom, it would take a good few weeks. Maybe even more.

That’s considering you eat at all restaurants and ride every ride.

For one day at Magic Kingdom, if you plan accordingly, you can get a lot done. One thing that might help is to get a list of your groups must-do activities. Everyone puts down one or two things that you HAVE to do while at Magic Kingdom, and everything after is a bonus!

Have you made any of these mistakes while at Magic Kingdom? Let me know in the comments section. If you have any other mistakes you would like to add, feel free.

What You Can Learn From Disney’s crowd levels: Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom

Hey everyone! My July 2020 Disney vacation has come to a close, and although I am sad about leaving, I am happy to share so much new information with you. I was able to visit all 4 parks at least one day so I am able to answer any questions you guys have. Here I am discussing wait times and crowd experiences throughout each park.

Animal Kingdom Annual Pass Preview Day 7/10: This was a big day for us. The Park was open from 8am-6pm. We arrived at 9am because it rained in the morning. We avoided standing outside for 45 minutes in the pouring rain. It took us maybe 30 seconds to get in. No line at the temperature screening or security area. To scan into the park, you only have to scan your magic band. No finger prints, which saves time. For the most part, the Park was empty. Everyone seemed to be flocking towards Pandora, which meant shorter lines throughout. We rode every ride at least twice, except Kilimanjaro Safari, which we rode once. Expedition Everest we rode three times and Kali River Rapids we rode twice. Dinosaur we rode three times as well and each Pandora ride twice. Everything was a 5-15 minute wait. The longest we stood in line was about 20 minutes for Expedition Everest and that was because they were cleaning. Overall it was a very enjoyable experience. We were able to see and do everything we wanted with plenty of time to spare, including eating and taking some well needed breaks.

Magic Kingdom Opening Day 7/11: Disney fans all around the country were waiting for this day. I am very lucky I was able to be there. We arrived at 9am. We decided to take the ferry boat over, as the line for the monorail looked long. We didn’t wait long for the ferry. Lots of other families but we were still able to socially distance. They had green dots on the floors that we stood on to make sure we stayed 6ft apart. We scanned into Magic Kingdom just after the park opened. No lines to scan in and no lines for security. It was very efficient. I wish it could be like that all the time! First thing we rode, was Space Mountain with a 15 minute wait. Best feeling ever! By the end of the day, we rode everything we wanted to get done, except Big Thunder Mountain. Within 10 hours, we managed to ride Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear, Carousel of Progress, Little Mermaid, Winnie the Pooh, 7D Mine Train, Small World, Peter Pan, Haunted Mansion, Pirates, Jungle Cruise, Tiki Room, Country Bear Jamboree and Splash Mountain. We have never been able to get through that many rides in what little time we had. The longest wait time was Splash and Small World. Each was about half an hour wait because of cleaning procedures. Everything else was about a 10-15 minute wait.

Overall, it was the best and worst trip to Disney. Lines were short, plenty of things available, space to move around, it was wonderful. Coming back from the parks and having time to swim and eat was amazing. Usually I don’t get much sleep as Disney, but I woke up feeling well rested and ready to go! The downside, wearing a mask all day in that heat made me want to pass out a few times. Just be sure to take a break every so often. Stay safe everyone!

Disney Park Restaurants To Reopen? Here’s An Answer

Hello guys, I am so excited about this, Disney is recalling more cast members for restaurants and culinary groups. Also on this list, are food carts and restaurant staff. These restaurants will most likely be open when the parks opens. Most of my favorites have made the list. Let me know in the comments what restaurants you are most excited to get back to!

Magic Kingdom

  1. Adventureland Stewarding
  2. Be Our Guest – Table service reservation only
  3. Central Bakery
  4. Cone Shop
  5. Cosmic Ray’s
  6. Food Handlers
  7. Jungle Skipper
  8. Liberty Tree Tavern
  9. Main Street Bakery
  10. Outdoor Foods
  11. Pecos Bill
  12. Pinocchio Village Haus
  13. Plaza Restaurant
  14. Tony’s Town Square

Animal Kingdom

  1. Africa Bars
  2. Africa Stands
  3. Asia Bars
  4. Asia Stands
  5. Central Bakery
  6. Creature Comforts
  7. Discovery Island Bars
  8. Flame Tree BBQ
  9. Food Handlers
  10. Harambe Market
  11. Nomads
  12. Outdoor Foods
  13. Restaurantosaurus and Bar
  14. Satu’li
  15. Tiffins


  1. Coral Reef
  2. Electric Umbrella
  3. Festivals
  4. Food Handlers
  5. Fountain View
  6. Garden Grill
  7. Liberty Inn
  8. Production Bakery
  9. Regal Eagle
  10. Sunshine Seasons
  11. *Le Cellier
  12. *Norway (Non-Tipped only)
  13. *Rose and Crown

The * means no international workers. These places will be serviced by local workers only for now.

Hollywood Studios

  1. Backlot express
  2. Brown Derby
  3. Culinary Support
  4. Docking Bay
  5. Food Handlers
  6. Galaxy Edge Culinary and Stewarding
  7. Mama Melrose
  8. Ogas Cantina and Cart
  9. Outdoor Foods
  10. PizzaRizzo
  11. Prime Time
  12. Production Bakery
  13. QSR Stewarding
  14. Sci Fi and Tap House
  15. Sunset Blvd
  16. Tap House

Ultimate Guide: Disney is Reopening

This is the part Disney fans all over the world have been waiting to hear. I am sure you all know that Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida will be back in business July 11th. With that being said, only Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom will be reopening on July 11th. Hollywood Studios and EPCOT will soon be following on July 15th. A few weeks ago, Disney Springs reopened to third party shops, while the Disney portions of the area were still closed. Recently World of Disney opened it’s doors to the public and will begin a phase of reopening other stores throughout the United States.

With all this being said, Disney will have to take extra precautions to make sure it’s employees and guests are safe. It looks as of right now that parades and nighttime spectaculars will return at a later date. Makeover opportunities, characters meetups, and any playground sets will also be unavailable. It is possible that characters could still be walking around the parks, but personal photos might not be a good idea.

Because of COVID-19 restrictions, the parks capacity will have to be limited. The magic Kingdom can support over 90,000 guests per day. Not sure what the limit will be, but I imagine around 30,000 guests per park. This will let those who already have reservations to stay on property have access to the parks. To maintain the park limits, Disney will be monitoring guest attendance through a new theme park reservation system. This will require all guests to make a reservation before hand. Disney is putting a halt on new ticket sales and letting annual pass holders and DVC members go first into making these reservations. If you already have a reservation, like I do, your trip should be safe. After a certain time period, those who live in the Orlando area who usually go out for day trips, will be able to buy tickets. I will warn you, I expect these tickets to be sold out by that time. When Disney has been closed for 3 months, you get a little crazy.

If you happen to make it into the parks the first few days of opening, there will be many health and safety regulations. cast members and guests above the age of three will be required to wear a mask in common areas of the parks and hotels. Upon entering the parks, all guests must undergo a temperature check. This also includes employees. Cashless transactions are recommended and are much easier when you have a magic band. In addition, cleaning and disinfection procedures will be increased throughout the parks.

This is just the start of the health and safety precautions Disney is making to ensure all guests are safe and can enjoy the parks. These policies are subject to change and I will update you once I have the information. I know we are all very eager to once again be welcomed home and to see that glowing castle at the end of Main Street USA. Don’t worry, we will be there soon enough.