Everything You Need To Know About Covid-19 Regulations at Disney Springs

Hey everybody, I hope you’re all having a magical day! This week I wanted to talk about my recent Disney Springs experience. I want to go over their regulations and what it might feel like when the parks open.

When we arrived at Disney Springs, the only parking garage that was open, was the Orange garage. It wasn’t a huge deal, since there were very little people. Once we walked closer to the entrance, they filtered us into a few lines to take our temperatures. There was no security, but everyone had to have their temperature taken. There were also multiple hand sanitizer stations to use as you made your way up front.

Once we got in, it was kind of relaxing. There weren’t big groups of people walking on either side of you. You had plenty of room to walk and look at all the sights. Be aware that cast members are informing the rules. If you are 2 years or older, you have to wear a mask. Being in Florida in 95 degree heat and humidity, makes wearing a mask difficult. After about 20 minutes of being outside, I was sweating and the mask was unbearable. It’s tempting to pull the mask below your face for a minute to breathe, but cast members are cracking down on that.

We did some shopping of course, it’s Disney Springs! They were limiting the amount of people inside stores, but we never had to wait. We were able to look around and shop like normal. We didn’t really have to wait to checkout either. We did for about 5 minutes at World of Disney, which is probably a record considering I’ve always waiting at least 20 minutes. There were also multiple sanitizing stations throughout Disney Springs inside the shops and outside.

We didn’t have anything planned for dinner, which felt weird not having a plan. We were able to get a table at T-Rex with no reservation. I can check that off my bucket list! We waited no longer than 10 minutes for our table. That was the first time I’ve eaten there, and I would totally recommend it. It’s like Rainforest Cafe, but with dinosaurs. It’s great for kids. The food is pricey of course, again it’s Disney. Check out the attached picture for the full menu! About every 15 minutes or so, a meteor shower happens which it really cool. A little loud, but really cool. So if you like eating next to animatronic dinosaurs, T-Rex is your place to go!

Since everyone has to wear a mask, Disney makes their own line of masks. You can purchase these masks at the Co-op at Disney Springs. They have three different sizes to choose from. Small, medium and large. The small size fits little kids around age 2, the medium fits kids around age 7, and the large fits adults. They are pretty comfortable. At least more comfortable than what I was using before. The band that goes behind your ears is thick and soft so it doesn’t hurt as much. They had a few different designs but most were sold out. Each one costs $6, but you can get 4 for $20. We ended up getting a rainbow Mickey patterned one and three Black Panther ones. A few other designs they had were Star Wars, stitch, Winnie the Pooh, and Hulk. You can only purchase four masks per guest and you can not refund, return or exchange these items. There is also no DVC or AP discount for these masks.

Check out the attached picture for the complete line of Disney face masks!