4 Convincing Reasons Why You Should Stay At Disney’s Art Of Animation Resort

Disney’s Art Of Animation Resort is one of my favorite places to stay on property. It’s relatively new and the themes make me feel like I’m in a Disney movie.

Art of Animation recently opened in 2012. It’s a value level resort, but also has a combination of moderate level rooms.

If you’re on the fence about stay at Art Of Animation, here are 4 convincing reason why this resort is the one for you!

1. Impressive Themeing

If any resort has the best themes, it’s Art Of Animation! The overall theme of this resort, is Disney and Pixar animation.

This resort is themed after 4 movies. Each theme has a few buildings dedicated to that movie. The themes are The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo and Cars.

My favorite part of these themes, is that large statues of the characters are out around the resort! It’s the perfect place to take pictures with some of your favorite characters!

Take a stroll through Cars Land and you’re bound to see Lightning McQueen and his friends!

Not only are the rooms amazingly themed, but the lobby is gorgeous as well! It’s so colorful and is filled with sketches and concept art from the Disney movies.

There are so many details throughout this resort that you have to take a look at!

The sidewalk in the Cars section looks like roads and some of the plants in The Little Mermaid section look like undersea plants. The trees near The Lion King section make you feel like you’re in the jungle!

This resort definitely feels like a “Disney” resort with all the themes and characters to explore.

2. Large Quick Service Area

Since Art of Animation is a value resort, there is no table service restaurant. On the other hand, there is an amazing food court that you have to check out!

One of the main reasons why I love Art Of Animation, is this large dining area in the main building, Animation Hall.

Inside Animation hall, you have the Ink and Paint shop, which is the resorts gift shop and you’ll definitely want to check that out! You’ll also find Landscape Of Flavors.

Landscape Of Flavors is the quick service dining area for this resort. Unlike Saratoga Springs, this area is large and has plenty of dining space. It also has multiple options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Mickey waffles are always the best!

You can grab a quick pastry like a blueberry muffin or chocolate croissant. There’s also a fridge section where you can grab a carton of milk, yogurt or some apple slices

There’s also a refillable mug station, multiple actually. At Wilderness Lodge, there only seems to be one or two in the seating area. At Art Of Animation, there’s a whole area dedicated to refill stations and mug wash stations!

Enough about the drinks, let’s talk decor!

Art Of Animation has 4 main themes: Finding Nemo, Cars, The Lion King and The Little Mermaid.

Each area in Landscape Of Flavors is dedicated to those 4 movies and I love it! I feel like I’m in a Disney movie and nothing could feel more magical!

If any of those movies are your favorite, you absolutely have to stay at Art Of Animation!

3. Skyliner Station!

My favorite type of Disney transportation is the new gondola system! Better yet, this Resort has a station within walking distance.

With this gondola system, you can travel to Epcot and Hollywood studios right from the resort. This way of travel seems faster than riding the bus. If you have the chance to take the Skyliner, do it! It saves time and is a lot more exciting.

From Art Of Animation Resort, you’ll take the Skyliner to the main station near Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. From there, you can take the line to Hollywood Studios or the line to Epcot.

In total, you’ll probably take 2 gondola lines to get to each park. It’s seems like a lot of waiting in line, but I’ve never waited more that 10 minutes to ride the Skyliner!

It’s so much faster than the bus. Believe me!

You’ll thank me later!🤗

4. Multiple Pools

Art Of Animation is a large resort, so it’s great how they have a few pools scattered around the property.

The main pool is called The Big Blue Pool. It’s up front near Animation Hall, just outside of the dining area.

If you couldn’t guess, The Big Blue Pool is Finding Nemo themed as it is located outside the Finding Nemo buildings. It’s a great pool. There is plenty of space to swim and there’s even a little splash pad for the little ones.

There’s also a pool located near the Cars themed rooms called The Cozy Cone Pool.

It’s really cute!

They have giant cones around the pool to make it feel like you’re actually in Radiator Springs. The pool is right in the center of the buildings, so you can’t miss it!

There’s one more pool located on this property. It’s called the Flippin’ Fins Pool and it’s by The Little Mermaid theme rooms so naturally it’s Little Mermaid themed.

The Big Blue Pool is the biggest out of the three and has the Splash pad area. The other two pools are smaller and only have the pool. So if you’re looking for a little bit more fun, the Big Blue Pool is where you’d want to go.

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