Top 5 Walt Disney World Resorts

Hello! Today I will be going over, what I think, are some of the best Walt Disney World hotels. Each one of these hotels has unique characteristics. I will say it is very hard to pick just five and to rank them. I love each hotel individually and have never stayed in one I truly disliked. This blog post is for those who might be having a difficult time choosing one of these deluxe or value resorts. Below, I have listed the positives on my favorite Walt Disney World Resorts!

5. Disney’s Riviera Resort (Deluxe)

I have not personally stayed at the new Riviera resort yet. We are planning to stay for a few nights there in July, but I have taken a DVC tour though the hotel. I believe it has a French feel to it. I like this resort for a few reason. It has some smaller, 2-person rooms that are perfect for couples or a mother-daughter trip. The bed folds out and has nice views of the area. This resort also has Three bedroom villas which can hold quite a few people. These have a full kitchen and large dinning room space. The patio can be accessed through the master bedroom as well as the living room, which is plenty of space to start the day with a nice breakfast. Another reason I love this hotel, is because it is on the Disney sky liner system. Being able to take a gondola to either Hollywood Studios or EPCOT is a major plus. Even though this resort is very nice, staying in a three bedroom villa can range from $600 to over $1000 per night.

4. Disney’s Polynesian Resort (Deluxe)

Disney’s Polynesian Resort is one of my favorite themes. They have incorporated Lilo and Stitch into their gift shop as well as in the rooms. O’hana, is such a wonderful place to eat at. it is on the monorail system, so you can get to Magic Kingdom in just a few minutes, or you can stop at the TTC and transfer to the EPCOT monorail. The only downfall is if you want to fill up your reusable resort mug and it happens to be raining, you have to step outside and their paths are not covered.

3. Disney’s Contemporary and Bay Lake Tower Resort (Deluxe)

This is a really interesting resort. This hotel is on the Magic Kingdom monorail system. Whats even better, is that the monorail travels inside this resort! It really comes in handy if it happens to be raining. Another unique quality, is that there is a walkway to the Magic Kingdom, and that walkway happens to have its own security gate. Not many people use this walkway which gives us a quick and easy way to enter the park. This resort also has one of my favorite table service restaurants, Chef Mickey’s! Chef Mickey’s is best in the morning. It is a buffet style breakfast with your favorite Mickey characters dressed up as chefs. Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, and Donald Duck make their way to each table to say hello and take a picture while you relax. It’s really popular for those with little kids, so if you can’t make time to see these characters in the park, this is a great way to meet them! If you happen to have a room that faces the Magic Kingdom, consider watching them from your balcony as it is a great spot to watch them.

2. Disney’s Yacht Club Resort (Deluxe)

I honestly like the Yacht Club better than the Beach club. The Yacht Club has better decor in their rooms as well as out in the lobby. It does take longer to walk to fill up your resort mug. The dinning area is not as big as other resorts, but there are a few places outside to sit and eat. Most of the table service restaurants are seafood themed, but they do have other options if you don’t like seafood. The major reason why I like this resort is the pool. The Yacht Club and the Beach Club share this main pool. It has a few hot tubs, a water slide and has a LOT of pool space. In a few areas of the pool, there is actual sand at the bottom. There is a large kiddy pool and the whole bottom is covered in sand so it feels like you are at the beach. Your little ones can make sand castles and its just phenomenal. No other resort has that. The water slide at the Yacht and Beach club, is also the biggest out of every other Disney resort. This resort is on the expensive side but it is totally worth it. It’s not on the sky liner system, but you can easily walk to EPCOT and take a boat to Hollywood Studios.

  1. Disney’s Art of Animation (Value)

This is by far my favorite Disney Hotel. I like it because its based on Disney Characters. There are four different room themes, Finding Nemo, Cars, Lion King and The Little Mermaid. I think all of these themes are great, but my personal favorite is The Little Mermaid. The Little Mermaid rooms are farthest from the buses and the main building, while the Finding Nemo rooms are the closest. Another reason why I love Art of Animation is their quick service dinning. The dinning room is large so there is plenty of room to sit and relax in the air conditioning. It is also decorated with the corresponding rooms. This hotel has a main pool just outside of the eating area as well as smaller pools within the themes. Another plus is that this hotel is connected to the Disney sky liner. You can be to EPCOT or Hollywood Studios within 10-15 minutes. No more waiting for the bus!

Thank you guys for reading! let me know in the comments about your favorite Walt Disney Resort.

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